March 06th, 2012
written by – jimi
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Indoor Triathlon

A couple days ago, I participated in my first indoor triathlon at Lifetime Fitness. I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I went into the race hoping to get a good workout and have fun. The only person I knew who was racing this event is Clint Verran and he is untouchable on the run, so if I wanted a chance to win, I knew I had to have a good swim and bike. The way this race was laid out is we were given 10 minutes to swim as far as you could in the lap pool, 30 minutes to ride as far as you could on a spin bike and finally 20 minutes to run as far as you could on the treadmill. Then the results were based on a points system in ranking order on who had the longest distance in each discipline. In this race there were 97 total participants, so the most distance covered was rewarded 97 points, second most distance covered received 96 points, third was 95 points, so on and so forth. Discipline order was normal in that the swim was first, bike was second and you finished on the run. I was in the second wave to go and lane assignments were set up so that Clint was right next to me; it was a bummer I was against the wall, but at least I got to keep an eye on who was going to be the guy to beat. Gun goes off and I am instantly feeling good in the water…it helps that I know I’m the only one in the lane and I can swim straight as opposed to open water swimming. I felt strong and smooth for the entire swim averaging just under 1:20 per 100 meters, so I was very happy with that and I ended up with the longest swim of the day. Onto the bike portion which took a little to figure out. By that I mean we were put on spin bikes with computers on the wheel, so it wasn’t how hard you pushed the pedals, but how fast you could spin your legs. Never getting comfortable, I just tried to spin as fast as I could without hurting myself and ended up with the third longest ride. So far, so good and only the run to go. Considering how oddly I had to ride the bike portion, I felt good going into the run. I started the treadmill at 5:30 pace and gradually increased speed from there finishing my run at 4:55 pace. I covered 3.8 miles which was good enough for third longest and I ended up with 287 points out of a possible 291, and that was good enough to take home the win. Overall, I’m happy with the way the day went and I’m looking forward even more-so, to the trip to Alabama at the end of the month!


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